Screen Music Program, Pavia Italy

Braden had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with 20 newly emerging film scorers for a week and a half in Pavia, Italy from July 22-July 31, 2019. One of Braden’s re-scores was submitted and screened in front of critics in Pavia, Italy. Below is an excerpt from

The Screen Music Program is an invaluable venue for emerging composers wanting to produce and promote their work, secure future commissions and job opportunities, and join other composers to create a vibrant artistic community.

With a renowned faculty, talented visiting artists and special guests from around the world, the Program explores the fundamentals of Film & Video Game scoring in a 10-day session of masterclasses, lectures, colloquiums, and workshops focused on composition.

Set every summer in historical Pavia, Northern Italy, the Program is aimed at anyone who is serious about a career in applied composition, from graduate and undergraduate students specializing in film scoring and video game music to anyone wishing to improve their craft.